Admission to school is mainly in LKG. Admission to Pre – KG is started in the Academic year 2023-2024. Admission to other classes depends on the vacancies that arise due to withdrawals.

The following are the criteria that are considered while admitting a child.

  1. Age of children who are admitted to the school at the beginning of the academic year, I June is as follows.
  2. LKG-3.5 Years plus
  3. UKG-4.5 Years plus
  4. Class-I-5.5 Years plus
  5. Other classes commensurate with the class / level.Birth certificate issued by the Muncipal /Panchayat( Original and Photocopy). Latter will be retained in the school.
  6. One passport size photograph. That is to be pasted in the admission form.
  7. Parents who accept the process of admission undertaken by the school, they will abide by the decision taken by the school authorities.
  8. For Standard II and above they must submit the transfer certificate and report card from the school they last attended.
  9. School transport facility is available through the following routes.
  10. Those parents who require the school transport facility must register the seats and submit the application form in the office at the time of admission.