Promotion Policy

  • The school academic session consist of two terms beginning from june.The performance of the students in the classes KG to V shall be assessed for each term on 5 point scale.
  • Certain personality traits like punctuality,initiative,self confidence,attitude,personal hygiene,cleanliness shall be assessed on 5 point scale in each term.
  • Promotion in preprimary and Primary classes KG to V shall be based on continuous and comprehensive Evaluation of child throughout the year.

We strictly follows the promotion policy announced by CBSE in all the other classes.VI to IX and also in XI.For promotion to the next higher class a student has to get a qualifying Grade D or above in all the subjects.A student getting E1 or E2 grade in scholastic areas in one or more subjects will have to improve his or her performance in one subsequent attempt to obtain qualifying grade D in these subjects.If a student fails to obtain qualifying grade D in the subjects he or she will be required to repeat the same class during the next academic year