To develop varied interests of the pupils, we provide ample opportunities through several co-curricular activities in addition to games and athletic competitions. Opportunities are provided to learn Dance, Music, Instrumental Music, Chess, Karate, Carroms etc. and Arts & Craft.

CBSE prefers various co-curricular activities as a part of CCE. Vidya Vihar offers ample opportunities for the same. Pupils vary in their interests. So as to enhance these interests various provisions are there. Drawing and painting, Dance, Music, Socially Useful and Productive Work (SUPW)and Fashion Designing are some of the co-curricular activities for which we provide special coaching. The performance of students in these items will be assessed and grades for the same will be given under the head of Co-Scholastic Achievements. Group recitation competitions in English, Malayalam, Hindi for lower classes and all the literary writings for higher classes have been made compulsory to provide an open chance to all ensuring maximum participation.